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Orvis Picks

LED Safety Dog Necklace


We have a red and a blue LED safety necklace.  They  make it a lot easier to see your pets at  the dog park when the sun goes down.

LED necklace

All-Weather Dog Parka


This jacket is easy to get on and off our dogs.  Love the clip feature and adjustable strap.

Click for Dog parka

Canine First Aid Kit


This is one way to be prepared for possible injury to your loved one.

Shop Orvis Canine first aid

Canine Canteen


I have 2 of the canine canteens and find the dogs love drinking out of the trough lid.

More info on Canine Canteen

Elk Antler Dog Chews


I was a fan of the antler dog chews until one of my dogs cracked a tooth and had to go under anesthesia to have it removed.

Chuckit!® Sport Launcher


In my opinion this is the best way to play fetch with our dogs. 

Get your launcher here

Tru-Fit Smart Harness


I was shocked how well my four legged family member adjusted to this Tru-Fit Smart Harness.

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Grip Tight™ Quilted Hose-Off Cargo Protector


This product is by far more superior than just placing a few blankets down for protection.  The anti-slip grip prevents the bunching up of fabric that occurs when the pups jump in.

Cargo protector

Grid Water Trapper® Mat


Trapper Mats are a must have in our house.

Trapper mat

Bolstered Couch Protector


Protect your sofa here

Soggy Doggy Drying Towel


I recently purchased this towel and have used it multiple times to dry off my dogs when they come in from the rain.

Order your towel here